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FAQs and Other Resources

General FAQs

Do I need an account?

You can explore the Do It Myself platform without creating an account. But, without an account you can’t upload media, save your projects (to access them later) or render a video at checkout. When you choose Quick Ads, however, signing in or creating an account is required. Note, there is no charge or credit card required to create an account. We do not sell or use your account data for any other purpose.

What is a rendered video?

A rendered video is the final, completed version of your project: a professional quality HD video. Rendering “cements” the individual layers and elements in your composition into an HD video file that you can download in the digital format you choose. VSI supports all typical video formats.

How long does my account stay active on the site?

Once you’ve created an account it remains active indefinitely. Your projects remain available in your account. All third party assets that have been purchased remain in a rendered project regardless of their current availability in the cloud. Other assets are stored subject to the storage limit based upon your type of account.

How many clips and images upload and keep in My Account?

The amount of storage available depends upon whether you are a licensed enterprise user or a pay per use customer. Licensed users have 250 GB of private cloud storage. Pay per use storage is limited to 250 MB per account. This storage includes both saved projects and media uploaded by the user.

Can I access old projects?

The My Projects tab in the top menu gives you access to every project you’ve ever saved (to save a project you must first create an account).

What does “Royalty Free License” mean?

This term is used in the stock image business to denote an asset where all licensing fees are paid one–time, up front. This does not mean the asset is “free.” Rather it means once the license is paid (which happens at checkout by clicking the accept button), you have a license to use the content world-wide thereafter, on any digital platform, without having to track and report usage.

What else can I do from My Projects?

The “Extra Actions” button found on the far right of your project in your My Projects library gives you six additional actions, including the ability to edit project name and details; and general a URL allowing any third party to preview your project before you purchase it. With certain licenses, you may also create Variable Data Videos via the extra actions button.

What licensing plans are available?

Anyone can use VSI’s platform simply by creating an account. We call this service “Pay per Use.”

However, we have several licensing options available for power users. Licensees gain access to powerful enterprise-level tools such a collaboration, private cloud storage, API delivery, and Variable Data Video automation.

Where can I post my video besides my website?

You can post your video to YouTube and other social networking sites and/or on your own digital network and website. The platform has an option to post directly to your Brightcove account, if you use them to host your video. You can also post videos on third party websites and digital signage networks, on cable television or video billboards under the terms of those networks Or, you can create a mobile marketing campaign using your video. Ask us for additional ideas on how to fully utilize your new video. Contact us.

Where can I get more information?

Under the Resources link on the bottom menu, you’ll find video tutorials covering all aspects of using the system. Click here to access the Index for in-depth information or to search by key word for the topic of interest (or use the “?” in the top menu). You can always contact us with your questions.

Quick Ads FAQs

Can I use my own images?

Yes. In addition to all your images that we find on the web and place on the clipboard, you can upload any image you’d like and use it in your ad. Click the “Uploads” tab in the Editing Image browser to upload yur image files. Acceptable formats: jpeg, gif, png and bitmap.

Do I have color and length options?

Yes. After you’ve input your data and identified your logo you have a chance both to preview the eight ads we’ve created, and to specify either a 15 or 30 second version. You also can pick the background color from among ten choices. Note, duration and color defaults are selected for you, but you must choose an ad style in order to preview your ad.

Can I come back and change the ad later?

Every project you purchase (or save) regardless of which tool you used to create it (Do It Myself or Quick Ads) is saved under “My Projects.” Should you wish to edit the project, you may do so using the “Do It Myself” editor making whatever changes you’d like.

Licensees FAQs

What is an API to private databases?

Some Licensees own image or video databases, or have separately purchased licenses to third party databases. VSI can, via an API, provide access to these databases in the cloud just as if they were part of VSI’s cloud of assets.

Can VSI handle eCommerce for me?

Yes. So long as the Licensee has a merchant account with Authorize.net, VSI can accept credit cards on behalf of the Licensee so that funds are deposited directly into Licensee’s merchant account.

If I become a licensee, can VSI use my branding on the platform?

Yes. Each licensee runs on a separate partition and separate URL, but with common tools and functionality. The separate site may include, at Licensee’s option, a landing page, color and graphics reflecting Licensee’s brand. In this case, VSI operates the site in the background. The only reference to VSI on a branded site is in the site Terms of Use and Royalty Free License agreements – which, being legal agreements with the end user, must be in our name.

What is volume pricing?

Licensed users enjoy a substantial discount over the retail price per video rendered. This discount varies but may be as high as 95% at high volumes. Fixed SaaS pricing with no variable cost per video is available for very high volume users. Contact VSI for current Volume Pricing for Licensed Users.

What is the limit on number of user accounts?

Each licensed user has the right to create unlimited user accounts.

What is private cloud storage?

Each license comes with 250GB of private cloud storage across all user accounts. Additional private cloud storage is available at Amazon’s published cloud storage prices. Current pricing indicates 1 TB or storage would cost about $1,000 per year.

What is Variable Data Video?

VSI’s template structure allows the user to replace “placeholders” in video, image, text and audio layers with images, clips or audio either found via cloud search or uploaded. Variable Data Video (VDV) allows this process to be automated with replacements made not manually but via pulling from a database.  See the tutorial on Variable Data Video for more details.

“Do It Myself” FAQs

What are templates?

The platform combines media layers (audio, video, images and color boards) to create unified compositions. This allows users to add and edit individual layers before stitching them together as a single video file during the render process.

Templates provide the structure of these layers in terms of order (what’s in front of what), timing (when it appears and disappears as the video plays) and mechanics (transitions, etc.). Layers start out filled with placeholders. Replace a layer with an image or video clip dragged in from the Media Browser or simply type over text in a text layer.

How do I size and position an image (or logo)?

The “move and scale” tool button is available when it is not greyed out and allows you to re-position and resize any layer. After clicking the button, grab any corner of the placeholder and drag it in or out to make it smaller or larger. Or, you can grab the entire placeholder to move it. Some layers in templates have complex motion paths (such as a zooming fly-in). Such layers are fixed and you cannot move or scale the images in them. In this case the “move and scale” tool is greyed-out.

How do I add media (videos/images/audio) files to the template?

The Media Browser (or Editing Browser in the Ad Builder) is your route to managing all media – whether uploads or assets found in the cloud. Use the Media Browser to either search the cloud or upload your own media using the upload tab. The Media Browser opens automatically at the left of the screen each time you create or select a template.

Are there any free assets in the cloud?

Yes, VSI offers millions of free assets as well as searchable assets at a nominal cost. When the Media Browser is maximized every thumbnail shows the asset price or double clicking on an asset thumbnail will reveal the cost of that particular asset. An easy way to find free assets is to use the search string (case sensitive) “Free Demo Sample.” There are also free open source assets available from other parties.

How do I upload files?

Uploading is done under the Uploads tab found under the Media Browser. Click “Add” and browse your computer or storage device for your files. Uploaded files appear as thumbnails under the “Uploads” tab. You may select multiple files to upload more than one file at a time. Upload speeds will depend on the size of the file(s), the number of files uploaded, and – primarily – on your own internet speed. You must have an account and be signed into it to upload media. We recommend using high resolution images and videos, as your output will be in high definition.

How do I add my logo to a template?

You must have an account and be signed into it to upload anything, including your logo.

Once you have opened a template, select the Uploads tab in the Media Browser and click “Add”. Find and select the file on your computer or storage device. When the upload is complete, a thumbnail of the uploaded image appears in the first position under the Uploads tab.  You can drag your logo into any image layer. Some templates have image layers designated as “logo.” But, all image layers will accept a logo image.

Can I search for consumer product images?

VSI partners with itemMaster.com to provide consumer product images at no charge. To find consumer product images your Media Browser must first be maximized by clicking on the small arrow next to the words Media Browser. With the Browser maximized you will see a check box for Products Only. Check this box and then enter your search term.

Can I change my media and/or text selections at any time in my composition?

Yes. You can edit both media selections and text at any time prior to rendering.

Can I re-use images or video in multiple projects?

Yes. You can place any media asset on your clipboard where it remains until you delete it.  When using third party assets, you must be aware of the terms of the Royalty-Free Agreement. Generally third party stock assets must be re-licensed for completely different projects such as a new brand or a new store chain. For minor revisions for the same brand you do not have to repurchase the assets(s). If reusing assets will be a frequent use for you, contact VSI to discuss an unlimited license.