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Choose Do it Myself or Quick Ads to get HD videos quickly. Easy online platform gives you all the tools to transform templates into videos.
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Online Video Maker

Do It Myself

  • $39
  • Immediate Delivery


More control and you make all the decisions. Choose a template, upload or search the cloud of 225+ million assets, add custom text and audio, if desired. No special training required. Full HD videos in well under 1 hour, delivered in your video format. Adobe Flash required.

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Quick Ads

  • $49
  • Immediate Delivery


Using just your business name and zip code the system builds ad choices with your information and logo; you add your own text and may substitute in images scraped from your website. Takes minutes for a full HD video ad rendered in your video format. Adobe Flash required. (FKA Do It For Me)

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Platform features

225+ million assets

Need images, clips or audio to tell your unique story? Search, drag and drop assets from VSI’s integrated digital cloud of 225+ million assets directly into your project.

Easy to customize

Select a template or build one. Edit freely in the editor. Drag and drop assets from media browser to your composition. Type in text. Powerful features to get the job done. Adobe Flash required.

Preview before purchase

What you see is what you get preview screen ensures that there are no surprises. Always preview before you purchase for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Drag and drop functionality

Templates are created in layers with each layer acting as a placeholder for your images or video. Just select the asset from the Media Browser and drag it in. Use your own uploaded assets or search the cloud for third party assets. Always try before you buy any asset.

Direct Delivery

All users can download your file directly to your computer; or post automatically to Brightcove, YouTube or an FTP site. At Checkout, click Export and then click Activate to select the location for export. Your file will also be saved in your account to download manually.

Video Formats

When rendering a video, the system gives you an option of choosing the format or formats in which you wish to create your video. If you skip this step, the system defaults to mp4. There is no additional cost to receive additional format selections.

Template Maker

Users who choose to create templates from scratch begin in the Template Maker. They can set aspect ratio and total play time as well add up to 22 layers to match their content. Users can also adjust the transitions associated with each layer and the playing time.

Need Help?

The VSI Video platform features are too numerous to list. The best way to learn about the platform is to explore it. For more indepth instructions, visit the Help Index.